Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Reliable British High Street

Marks and Spencers has been around forever. I buy my bras there! Funny as it sounds they are a great fit,very comfortable,lovely designs and great value. Although as of late, I've realise I may have been overlooking one of their other departments. The Shoe Department! I kid you not, they've really hiked up the style stakes on some of their shoes! These are a few of my favourites.
Real leather for £49! They look alot like Madame Butterfly's too.
Limited Collection for £29......absolute bargain.
These are my favourite and they are only £35.
These some a close second....£35.
You can't go worng with leather cage shoes at £49!
Cute summer clogs......£39.50.

So I think I've demonstrated enough to you that good old Marks and Spencer can be a lovely high street gem and not just for your undies and socks!!


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