Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It's all about the Aviator

Queue the soundtrack to Top Gun. The Aviator shearling jacket is back. This jacket has been all over the catwalks. Burberry Prorsum, Etro, Christopher Kane and Topshop Unique have all showcased their take on the iconic coat.
Image courtesy of VOGUE

The high street also has some great designs.

Asos has a great selection of these coats in stock.
The first jacket is £120 and the second £110. (I prefer the second!)
Both of these jackets are available from ASOS

TOPSHOP offer some different takes on the shearling. You can  go for sleeveless, leather or PU depending on your budget.
These TOPSHOP designs range from £58 to £325.

This style of jacket will keep you toasty and warm in the winter and you can pop on your aviator shades on those bright winter mornings. Just don't ride off into the sunset on your motorbike a la Tom Cruise.....this may be a step too far!!

One hump or two?

Apologies for the lame/cheesy entry title. My brain couldn't come with anything wittier or more intelligent. I've got the afternoon slump. So what I'm actually going to talk about is Camel Coats. I am dying to get my hands on a beautiful, wool camel coat. Whether you are Del Boy or Angelina Jolie, a camel coat is timeless and looks good on just about anyone.
You can't even go wrong with the colour.It goes with just about everything. In my opinion, this kind of coat gives you a sense of old school style and glamour. It is just as iconic as the Mac and the Trench coat. If I had one choice, it would have to be Max Mara. Unfortunately my budget does not stretch to this! But one can dream!
For us mere plebs, we always have the high street. For the shorter woman who doesn't want to be swamped by a calf length coat,REISS do a great option.
If you're budget can stretch to it, this beautiful tailored coat is £245 and available at Reiss.

Next on my hit list is Mango. I actually used to work for MANGO while I was in university, so I'm a big fan.
Your wallet will be a lot happier with this choice. Mango are selling this belted beauty for £119.90.

My next choice is slightly different, but it incorporates a big trend for this season. Capes are everywhere at the moment, so why not include an ASOS offering. 
This caped crusader (excuse the Batman pun) comes in at a very reasonable £80, and it has a hood on the back.

As you can see, there is a came coat to suit all. I will definitely be investing in one for the Autumn/Winter season.......or Max Mara could send me one......!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday Night Funk

Some "Choons" to kickstart your weekend. Enjoy!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


First blog entry via my phone!

So i'm bored in work and decided to root through my handbag to see what items I carry with me every day.Now that I've actually looked,I think it may be a tad excessive!How full is your handbag with your daily beauty regime?
I find that these are my basics I need so I can "face" the world on a daily basis.Although I mainly keep the Bourjois eye shadow for the evening.It's a bit sparkly for daytime use!
What do you carry in your bag on a daily basis?

My Autumn/Winter lust haves

I love the colder part of the year.Call me a freak or whatever you want, but I love to see the leaves change colour, the beautiful crisp dry winter mornings and snuggling up on the couch while it rains cats and dogs outside.

You don't have to worry about the nail polish on your toes chipping or if your legs resemble something hairy that should be in the jungle. Instead you get to pull on a pair of thick tights and woolly socks and you are ready to go. Your trusty razor may feel a tad abandoned at this time of year but your Bridget Jones pants wont! The only thing that does bug me about the winter is the dry skin I get on my cheeks. For this problem I use good old fashioned Nivea Creme. You can't beat that thick white stuff!!
And so, the wardrobe. Layers, layers and more layers. Woolly tights, hats, knee high boots, I love it all.
Topshop has a great selection for the forthcoming season. I've picked out some definite buys from the Topshop website. Now where is my card??
All of these pieces are perfect for Autumn/Winter and they are in stock at Topshop. Whether you are going for a stroll in the park in your cable knit cardigan or going to your local pub to sip hot toddies by the log fire. It's all about texture and layering!

What are your fashion and beauty staples for the Winter??


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My new high street crush

Recently I have started to take notice of COS. COS provides excellent quality clothes at affordable prices. Their pieces are sleek and have a quirky, yet very chic element.

Make and Do

I love the H&M Fashion Studio. I get to play with clothes and different looks before I buy anything!
It's kind of like playing with your Barbies, but this time it's for grown ups! I get to pretend I'm a stylist too ;OP

Which look is your favourite?Mine is definately the last one!!


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Something different

Let's step away from commercial fashion for a few minutes and have a look at something slightly quirky and off the beaten track.

My boyfriend's cousin Kate makes beautiful, colourful, Latin American inspired jewellery.

She learnt her trade while travelling in South America. Her story is actually quite romantic: She stayed with a family in the Cafayte region and fell for the son. She helped the family make jewellery to earn her keep. Eventually, Kate and her man made their way around Argentina, selling their wares, making enough to pay for accomodation and eat. They had each other and they made jewellery.
Kate took her beautiful new skill back to England and now she makes jewellery in her spare time. Her website is Latinamericanjewellery.com
Here is some more examples of her beautiful and colourful jewellery.