Saturday, 11 December 2010

Crazy Christmas Shopping

I decided to brave the obstacle course that is Oxford Street the other night. If any of you aren't familiar with Oxford Street, it is a BEAST! Thousands of people rushing around, so you can imagine what it's like during the crazy Christmas period. I think you have to be a little bit mental to decide to take on Oxford Street at this time of year!
So the other night, while I was feeling a bit crazy, I decided to brave the crowds...........and this is what I found!

Was unsure of all the leather that's around, but I've come around to it. I think I was a tad afraid of it because in my mind only "skinny minnies" can get away with wearing it. These shorts however have a nice relaxed loose fit and I'll wear them with black opaques. 

Now I'm not normally one for pink or girly things. This skirt however, caught my eye straight away! I'll wear it high on my waist with black tights and these wedges....
I think these boots will give toughen up the look a bit, make a bit less "girly"! Also, florals are going to be big in 2011 as we all know, so this skirt will see me right through the Spring/Summer season too.

Got this cosy little jumper too. I think it will look great tucked into a high waisted skirt or with my skinny jeans. It's quite plain, so I can add a little brooch to jazz it up!


  1. The skirt is so fetch i love it! and jeesh that street is crowded, im going to the city today soo we will see how bad it gets:) soo excited
    sweet blog

  2. omg i'm soo jealous of your leather shorts! i've been looking eeeverywhere for a pair. so lucky :). looks like you had a successful shopping trip girl! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. love those leather shorts!

  4. You were brave I bet Oxford Street was heaving fab finds totallly loving the leather shorts and those wedges xoxo

  5. I love every single item in this post. I think exactly the same thing when it comes to leather anything! Especially shorts. My thunder thighs aren't exactly the skinniest minniest ever, so I never consider leather material, though I drool and dream about it. You've inspired me to get a loose fitted one! I'll keep an eye out. Your dangerous adventure was surely worth the risk! Thank you, also, for the great comment on my blog. I appreciate the support. I bought that giant floral bag at the thrift store for only $5! I love it!