Friday, 20 August 2010

My Autumn/Winter lust haves

I love the colder part of the year.Call me a freak or whatever you want, but I love to see the leaves change colour, the beautiful crisp dry winter mornings and snuggling up on the couch while it rains cats and dogs outside.

You don't have to worry about the nail polish on your toes chipping or if your legs resemble something hairy that should be in the jungle. Instead you get to pull on a pair of thick tights and woolly socks and you are ready to go. Your trusty razor may feel a tad abandoned at this time of year but your Bridget Jones pants wont! The only thing that does bug me about the winter is the dry skin I get on my cheeks. For this problem I use good old fashioned Nivea Creme. You can't beat that thick white stuff!!
And so, the wardrobe. Layers, layers and more layers. Woolly tights, hats, knee high boots, I love it all.
Topshop has a great selection for the forthcoming season. I've picked out some definite buys from the Topshop website. Now where is my card??
All of these pieces are perfect for Autumn/Winter and they are in stock at Topshop. Whether you are going for a stroll in the park in your cable knit cardigan or going to your local pub to sip hot toddies by the log fire. It's all about texture and layering!

What are your fashion and beauty staples for the Winter??



  1. Im getting those shorts!
    Great A/W post, and i've been
    using Nivea for years, my skin
    is a testimony of smoothness
    (if I do say so myself)
    Just passing, check my latest
    post on personal style, we'd love
    to hear from you.

  2. These all look great a definite must haves covering pretty much all of the Catwalk trends.

  3. lovlely post! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. You wanted to know the URL of my friends' blog?
    thanks for stopping by :)