Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Something different

Let's step away from commercial fashion for a few minutes and have a look at something slightly quirky and off the beaten track.

My boyfriend's cousin Kate makes beautiful, colourful, Latin American inspired jewellery.

She learnt her trade while travelling in South America. Her story is actually quite romantic: She stayed with a family in the Cafayte region and fell for the son. She helped the family make jewellery to earn her keep. Eventually, Kate and her man made their way around Argentina, selling their wares, making enough to pay for accomodation and eat. They had each other and they made jewellery.
Kate took her beautiful new skill back to England and now she makes jewellery in her spare time. Her website is Latinamericanjewellery.com
Here is some more examples of her beautiful and colourful jewellery.

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