Sunday, 10 October 2010

Every little piece has a story......

I'm sure if you look through your wardrobe or your jewellery box, there are certain items you own that have a little story behind them. Some sad, some funny and some that make you cringe! Well today I was sorting out my jewellery and decided to take a few snaps of my favourite treasures, and I'll tell you the tales behind each piece.
 This Hermes bracelet.......well....I was working in a pub a few years back and one night someone (a crazy person) left this behind. I kept it in the safe for a few months and no one claimed it! So.....finders keepers.
My mother gave me this ring on my 21st birthday. As you can see it has Sapphires (my birthstone). I rarely wear this ring because I'm too afraid to lose it!
Another ring given to me by my mother, this time on my 14th birthday. Again a Sapphire, but it's lost two of it's stones.
This jewellery box was given to me by an ex! I love it to pieces. The craftsmanship is beautiful.

I only received this piece of Amber about 4 days ago. A Colombian friend of mine gave it to me and I hope to have it made into a long silver pendant.
My Claddagh ring. It's part of a trio of Friendship rings.

This ring came as a bit of a surprise! When I met Tom (4 and a half years ago), he was about to go on holiday with his family. Two weeks later he came back with this ring. We weren't even officially "boyfriend and girlfriend". It was a lovely gesture and it has never left my right hand.

It's funny how each of the item's above document different times in my life. I'd love to hear about your personal treasures!



  1. WHO could leave such a bracelet?! I love when you go through your jewellary box and find a necklace, or, whatever, all tangled up that you totally forgot about! Recently I found a silver and amber cluster necklace that I had bought in Barcelona years ago, and have been wearing it until I accidently broke it, oops. x

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