Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Got my nails did!

We had a press day yesterday and today in The Savoy Hotel in London for some of our clients. One of our clients is called NAIL ROCK. Call me biased or whatever you want, but I LOVE this product!!!! Jo (she is one of the founders of Nail Rock) kindly gave me a little manicure and dressed my nails up with a jazzy pink leopard print.
You'll have to excuse the quality of my pictures, I took them on my Blackberry. Oh and I've been working a lot and I'm not very kind to my hands! So any scuffs on my nails is down to me being a klutz and not the product itself!

The great thing about Nail Rock is that it's virtually fool proof. All you need is your hair dryer and a decent nail file. You don't have to wait around for it to dry and it comes off again with a bit of heat.

On your fingers they last about a week and on your toes up to 8 weeks!!!! Jo had metallic gold on her toe nails and it looks amazing. Perfect for the party season ahead of us.

You can buy NAIL ROCK at TOPSHOP and at ASOS.

I am definitely going to buy more for myself.



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