Sunday, 2 January 2011

I HATE SALES......kind of


I don't know about you, but I HATE sales. People turn into animals and many other kinds of unmentionables. Look, if you didn't like it enough to but it at full price, why are you tearing the woman's hair out next to you to save a few quid?!

There is a relatively stress free alternative to Oxford Street (AKA:The Gauntlet)....Hello online shopping! I can wallow on my couch with a strong cup of tea and browse the sales. Here are my favourite finds so far:
£40 reduced from £65  OASIS
I have a soft spot for bright coloured watches! £10 reduced from £15  OASIS
Step into Spring/Summer 2011 with these beauties! £34.90 from £69.90 MANGO
£19.90 reduced from £37.90 MANGO
 £29.99 from £39.99 ZARA
£49.99 from £69.99 ZARA

Have you found any great bargains in the sales?!


  1. those are real bargains!
    i love the necklace and the LWD, although i hope the latter is sleeveless.