Saturday, 22 January 2011


Camden, a place where you can eat, shop and rave. Camden is one of my favourite spots in London, yes it does get a lot of tourists, but if you ignore all those people, there are treasures to be found and talented people selling their wares. I think the key to a good market is diversity and Camden definitely has that!
Take Cyberdog for example. This place is Mecca for anyone who loves to rave...hardcore!If you want want PVC, fluorescent clothes and masks, this is the place to go. You cannot miss it, as the beats blare throughout the market!
Boots galore. I love the look of second hand leather boots as the leather has that lovely worn in look.

Apologies for the photos, I took them on my phone! There are so many gems to be found in some of the stores, I was so tempted by the blue top with the silver sequins.....

How cool are the old Varsity jackets?!
I need some of this china! I do love a good cup of tea (I'm Irish, what else do you expect!), and what better way to enjoy your tea than out of some beautiful dainty cups!


  1. wow that store looks amazing! i love all the little finds in there, esp the boots and the tiny tea-cups. so cute! :) def love venturing around shops like these :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Happy NY! Yes it's the 24th I know, hehe.
    Never visited camden before, but i've always heard it's amazing for everything vintage!
    Those teacups look lovely.
    Do check my newest :)

  3. OMG! these boots!! I want to go there!!

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  4. love the boots--seems like an interesting place to visit!