Saturday, 10 April 2010

Embrace the paste?

Oh shit,Summer is outside my window.I am blessed with the fairest Irish skin, and at the beginning of each summer I look like a walking,fluorescent white glow stick.

So today I walked to the supermarket to buy some lunch with my boyfriend, and I am sure my white glow offended the beautiful Brazilian girl we passed by. Do you know what though? I don't really care that I am this pasty!I don't leave fake tan marks all over my bed sheets and I don't smell like weird biscuits either (if you know of a fake tan with a nice fragrance, please do enlighten me).

You know, back in the good 'aul days, fair skin was seen as a sign of wealth and that you were from the upper echelons of society.Unfortunately for me, I am not wealthy, I am a fashion PR intern.....

So what to do now my friends? Do I Embrace the Paste? Or, do I hit the bottle and smell like funky biscuits!!?

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