Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Feel Good

Feel Good. That's what I'm telling you. Although, maybe I should listen to my own advice. I'm the worst for stressing and worrying. Bless my better half, he knows exactly when I'm worried. "Carla, what are you stressing about?I can hear the cogs in your little head turning and you've hardly spoken since you got home", he says.

Money, work, money, loans, money, over drawn credit card, money, putting on weight, money.....I think you are getting the idea by now.

But do you know what?Maybe this time I will take the advice I'm doling out tonight. I have my health and that is the greatest rich in the world you can have. Love comes a close second :O)

So on this beautiful Summers eve, have a listen to this beautfiul Feel Good song.

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