Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The OutNet.com....check it out!

So we all know about the huge success of Net-A-Porter.com. Designer shopping in our own living rooms....well I would say that if I had the funds! Anyways, for mere mortals like me, and maybe you, there is The OutNet.com. This website is the like the little sister of Net-A-Porter.com and it's alot more affordable. Yes some of the stock may be last season etc etc, BUT, STYLE NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION. So, I'm sure you will find some classic stylish pieces in there!

Speaking of which.....Clogs! Chanel brought clogs back with a bang and there is no escaping them. Check out these bad boys, I found them on The OutNet.com.

Miu Miu: £115 (originally £230)!!

Stella McCartney: £186 (60% off original price!!!

Gorgeous aren't they?!If only.......

On to something a bit more affordable.


Excellent website for vintage style and vintage jewellery.

I quite like this little number.

You are pre warned that some of the pieces may look a bit tarnished as they are vintage and some of them are made with vintage bits 'n' pieces.

On another note....would anyone be interested in swapping clothes?The idea came to me today while I was clearing out my wardrobe for the local charity shop.
How fun would it be to swap clothes with someone else? "One man's trash is another man's treasure"....and all we would have to pay would be the postage of the parcel!

Maybe I am mad, but I thought it was a good idea! If anyone is interested I am a size 10 on top and 10/12 on bottom!


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