Thursday, 9 September 2010

Let's stop for a minute and have a think.

Yesterday whilst waiting for my train, I overhear two young girls talk about calories and losing weight. They were no more than 12 years old. This immediately saddened me and also made me feel concerned for them and angry. But angry at who?? One of the girls spoke about eating Special K cereal to lose weight and then proceeded to hitch up her already too short school skirt.

I worry for young girls like this. They are a product of our society and the values we hold. Who is to blame?? Their parents? Their secondary school? The magazines we read? It saddens me that any 12 year old male or female, thinks like this. I'm probably coming across as an old "fuddy duddy", but maybe it's about time that we got a bit old fashioned.

Talking about weight issues, New York Fashion Week is using Plus Size models for the first time EVER!! 

(Check out the above video)

I don't think it should be an issue.After all, shouldn't every type of woman be represented at the fashion week!
Oh wait, maybe women that are a size 14 or 16 aren't interested in how they dress or what the latest trends are............I do hope you noted my sarcasm there!

I'm all for different shapes and sizes. Skinny, round, tall  and short. Just as long as the person is HEALTHY.

I would love to hear what you think about these issues. We are all here because we love fashion and reading Vogue and Elle etc. But are the magazines and models we admire promoting healthy images to the two 12 year old school girls I overheard today????



  1. I think how it affects a person depends on their own insecurities. 12 year olds these days have had boyfriends, had sex, smoked, swear... its all a part of the downfall of this world, they're just going with the flow and copying the 'grown ups' sadly.

  2. I do believe it's how models look. You don't have to be a size zero to look good. I think every woman can look fab in anything if she puts her mind to it.
    Children at 12 shouldn't have to think you have to look like a model, and that's what they are making them believe, it's very sad.
    I don't understand why the fashion industry make people think it's bad to be a little bigger. There's nothing wrong with it.


  3. I have nothing against thin models, I just feel like everyone (esp. young people) needs to know that it is not the norm to be so tiny and you are not any less valuable as a person if you can't fit into a size zero. And because you aren't a zero, you ARE NOT FAT. All shapes and sizes need to be embraced. As long as you are healthy and happy, that is what matters most.